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The vast majority of Eileen’s work comes through word of mouth and personal recommendations from existing clients. All the feedback Eileen receives is extremely important to her as she is committed to providing all her clients with a professional, friendly and confidential service.

You can read testimonials from some of Eileen’s clients below.

"Subtly dynamic" is how I would describe the blend of KCR and Bowen treatments that Eileen has been working with me on. Her skills and commitment to holistic health are impelling and this combined with her ability to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere enables her therapy to go beyond working on simply the physical well-being and into a complete mind and body experience. She has a grounded approach to her healing that is highly effective and lasting. I really feel the benefit not only in my lower back but in my life."

“I have received many treatments from Eileen and as a Health Professional I am always amazed by the effectiveness of both Bowen and Kinetic Chain Release for encouraging the body to come back into balance and heal in a very gentle and natural manner. It is always a relaxing and enjoyable experience in her wonderful surroundings. Energy Medicine.....definitely the way of the future!”

“Over the last few years I’ve had various successful treatments from Eileen, 2 prominent treatments come to mind, firstly in India 3 years ago where I fell and injured my hip, Eileen gave me a 20 minute session, where upon I fell asleep for 30 minutes but when I awoke I was astonished to find I had no pain and no reoccurrence of the injury! Secondly I fell from a tree while trimming branches fracturing 3 thoracic vertebrae, after spending time in hospital overnight I was discharged but with severe back pain. Eileen again gave me a Bowen session allowing me to sleep without pain killers but the most remarkable part was in the morning after the session instead of pain throughout my back it was localised to my sacrum area only, that made the pain bearable and over a few days improved remarkably, amazing.”
Dr. A.G. Mathieson

“I've been to see Eileen for three sessions for stiffening in my hands and painful shoulders. After the first session I was able to lift my arms above my head with very little pain. By the third session most of my pain was gone, this treatment also lowered my blood pressure to normal. Previous recordings were high to borderline. I am aware that my condition may never be cured due to the nature of my job (working with young children) but it has helped tremendously. Eileen also gave lots of advice on certain exercises I could do and also alternative supplements I can take. I would recommend Bowen Technique to anyone who has chronic pain.” 
K. Brannigan

“Eileen is a multi-talented therapist who has really helped my neck pain - something that I suffered from for more than 20 years. I don't know how the Bowen Technique works but it certainly does. Fantastic, it’s all the wee things you do that add up.”
Gloria Murray

“Absolutely fabulous, I can't believe how good it is!”
P. Coffield

“I recently found out that I was totally allergic to Amoxycillin when I suffered such an extreme reaction that I was rushed to hospital. Fortunately I was treated right away and was prescribed high doses of steroids and anti-histamines to treat all the swelling at my joints. I still felt very under the weather over 6 weeks later, so I booked a Bowen session with Eileen. After just one session, my general health improved overnight and all the residual symptoms disappearing within 3 days. I can't speak highly enough of Eileen and Bowen and would recommend Bowen to anyone who is feeling generally unwell.”
Lorna Judge

“Bowen Lowered My Blood Pressure! Once again had a brilliant sleep after my treatment. Just to let you know that my blood pressure was 120 / 84 at my last reading. This was the lowest reading since I started on medication 3 years ago and it was not reducing radically. Good old Bowen did it. Furthermore hair is back to normal. What can I say another success for Bowen therapy. Can’t wait for my next treatment. Thanks again Eileen.”

“Can never say enough for all the things you do that make your service exceptional.”

“I can’t believe the difference after just 2 treatments.”

“Unbelievable, I could feel things happening in my back and stomach, as if all the tension was just draining away.”

“Fantastic, lovely room, warm blankets, peace and quiet, just great.”

“Works just like magic.”

“Incredibly relaxing and peaceful.”

“I don’t know how it works, but it sure does.”

"Over the years I have turned to Eileen Reid's amazing treatments for help many, many times. I have found that Bowen treatment works for me on very many levels and seems to provide me with an overwhelming sense of wellbeing after every treatment. Most recently I have been suffering from a RSI type of arm problem which is not only physically extremely painful but is very draining mentally, I feel that Bowen really helps me not only with the pain but assists energy levels too. Thanks Eileen!”
L.H. Paisley

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